Public Relations… Media Relations…
What Are They And Do I Need Them?

There are many definitions of Public Relations; we see it as helping your organization/group positively connect with your target audience. That audience could be potential (and current) employees, sponsors, contributors, or clients. Media Relations is the outreach (or response) to news media on your behalf. Media relations is generally considered a part of (or function within) a Public Relations campaign/effort.

Why would you need Public & Media Relations? To increase the positive perception of your organization among your target audience. Developing positive name recognition with the community, your employees, and among professional peers increases the likelihood of positive reaction (i.e. increased participation) to your event(s). This recognition can be achieved before your event, in conjunction with your event, or even after your event. Our outreach and publicity efforts will help to create a positive impression of your organization with your target audience; we have developed many media contacts, and innovative ways of achieving the positive recognition of your organization. After your event, we will reinforce this recognition by emphasizing the event achievements and participant satisfaction, thus laying the groundwork for your next successful event.

We will work with you identify your objectives and get to know your target audience. Taking into account your organizations mission/goals and your audience, we will develop a written public relations plan that includes media outreach. We put your plan into action by using media relationships we have developed during our many years in the industry. We do not rely on form or canned media releases; our creative staff develops something dynamic for each client. Remember, a little positive publicity and positive public image can go a long way.

In addition to Public & Media Relations, we can also help market your event, please see the Marketing page of our website.