If I Have a Public Relations Plan,
Where Does Marketing Fit In?
And, What is Urban Marketing?

Simply put, marketing is promoting your event. Using the media relationships developed over 20 years and innovative thinking; we will design a dynamic marketing plan to maximize attendance at your event. The methods used depend on the type of event and the audience that you are targeting. We have creatively marketed several types of events. For fundraisers, sporting events, corporate events we specialize in marketing through creative “take-aways.” If your audience takes something away with them (grab bag, presentation materials, items with your logo), it creates positive reinforcement and increases the likelihood of attendance at another event.

Urban Marketing targets diverse groups of people who comprise the “urban audience.” this audience is not defined by race or ethnicity, but more by a shared interest in the aspects or features of urban culture. Once overlooked, this market segment is now growing in size and disposable income and becoming the target of many business segments. True, general marketing reaches this group. However, a target marketing effort that incorporates their interests could be more effective. Your event may just have an untapped audience in this market. The Event Doctor has planned many events (see our Client List) that included specialized marketing targeted to this group, as well as general marketing efforts.