Have you considered a career in Event Planning?
Are you involved with Public Relations for a community group?
Do you want to update or enhance your current Event Planning skills?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, maybe you should attend an Event Planning course taught by the Event Doctor.

The Event Doctor has been teaching at area universities for over two years. Some courses are part of a degree program, others are elective or through adult learning programs. Past course curriculum and locations include:

Special Events Production and Management (University of California, Berkeley)
The success of any sports or special event depends on how well you plan, organize, promote, and manage it. This course examines the key elements of sports and special events management, with emphasis on the implementation of a public relations campaign. Through lectures, group discussions, and guest speakers, you obtain a practical understanding of how to select a site, determine timelines and budgets, build your organization, and manage personnel. This course earns 2 units, Business Administration.

Event Meeting Planning Certificate Program (San Francisco State University College of Extended Learning)
This certificate program, developed by San Francisco State University, is designed to familiarize students with best practices for managing and planning well-executed meetings and events. This is a one-day course.

Music and Entertainment Event Management (San Francisco State University)
Designed for planners interested in special events in the music and entertainment fields, this course covers: concert planning; venue selection information; talent/artists; event publicity; ticket sales, and; contacts for contracted services. This is course is an absolute must for planning a music or entertainment event.

Sports Event Management (San Francisco State University)
Over the past 20 years, corporations and nonprofit organizations have increasingly used sports events to raise funds. These events are also used to promote products, services, and causes. Success in sports events management requires a well-planned and organized event. This course examines the principles and elements of sports events management with emphasis on the implementation of a public relations/marketing campaign. If you are responsible for conducting and promoting sports events for organizations or an entrepreneur, you will benefit from this course.